January 2017 – ADIFO Global Market Review

by Kevin Burrows

The S&P500 index continued its winning streak, gaining 1.8% in January and up an impressive 17.5% year-over-year, a function of the dramatic -5% selloff that oc- curred in January 2016. It has been a good 12-months to be invested in stocks: the DAX Index, MSCI China and MSCI Emerging Markets have risen 17.7%, 20.2% and 22.5%, respectively YOY. China was the strongest performer in January as the MSCI China index gained 6.9%, powering emerging markets up 5.5%. The FTSE EUROTOP 100 Index led the decline, losing –1.0%. The FTSE 100 Index and the NIKKEI 225 were also lower over the month amid new signs of slowing UK growth and as the Yen strengthened unexpectedly.