Our Solutions

We offer our clients the opportunity to select some of our solutions on a individual basis. These solutions are used by the family and are constantly being reviewed.


Avant-Garde Wealth Management has created a cash management strategy for the family and its family office clients, the ADIFO Cash Management Fund. The primary objective of the fund is to create an absolute return with the mission statement of „flat or up“. 


The ADIFO Global Multi-Asset Strategy is a conservative active allocation mandate that addresses the concerns facing investors as they navigate the economic transition to a new global order.


Our reporting and aggregating technology is made available for financial and non-financial assets in multiple currencies on a global basis. The reports are custom generated for each of our family’s needs.


leAD Sports Accelerator helps talented founders in the world of sports to turn their ideas into fully-functioning startups that are ready to growand scale. The first edition is going to take place in Berlin from September through December this year.